Here’s Why Casual Sex Isn’t Actually All That Casual

Here’s Why Casual Sex Isn’t Actually All That Casual

It honestly makes no sense to me, in fact, it terrifies me. But I am not fun or carefree, not with matters of the heart. How does one even casually date another? Like, what are the rules? Are there any? How do you un-know these things? How do you just not care?

What My Friend With Benefits Made Me Realize About Casual Relationships

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Daisy Fay Buchanan is a fictional character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s magnum opus The Great Gatsby In the novel, Daisy is depicted as a married woman with a daughter who is reunited with her former lover Jay Gatsby , arousing the jealousy of her husband, Tom. She is widely believed to have been based on Ginevra King. Daisy Fay was born into a wealthy Louisville family. By , Daisy had several suitors of her same class, but fell in love with Jay Gatsby , a poor soldier.

Before Gatsby left for war, Daisy promised to wait for him. During the marriage, Daisy gave birth to a daughter, Pammy, who Daisy had hoped would be “a beautiful little fool. After her cousin Nick Carraway arrives in West Egg, the neighboring island, he meets Gatsby, who by now has become extremely wealthy.

This Is Why I Gave Up Casual Relationships

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It’s crazy that we treat dating so casually now. You’re not “crazy” for It’s a game of who is more cool, who is more casual, who cares less. To hell with that.

Casual means you can just flip a switch on love and turn it on or off. Is it ok to call on your way home from work? Sure, the sex can be great, the conversations can be exciting, but when you need to call someone to talk about the terrible thing that happened at work — will they be there to pick up the phone? You want to shout your love from rooftops and you want to wear it on your sleeve.

You want to hold it in your hands and take the time and energy to cultivate it every day. You want to go out for margaritas and wake up the next morning to eggs, bacon, and the smell of coffee brewing. You want to have a night of mind-blowing physical intimacy, and you want to cuddle in bed for more than a moment the next morning. You want to give, and you want to receive, and you want to be with someone who expects the best from you, someone whom you expect the best from, too.

And you know what? You need commitment, and consistency, and intimacy, and connection. You need to be in a relationship that wants to be rooted in something bigger than convenience.

This Is How You Know Your Casual Dating Has Become Too Casual (And It’s Time To Take The Plunge)

She settled for something casual with you, even though she secretly wanted a serious relationship, because she wanted to be around you. She wanted more of your time. She thought that if you got to know her better, if you learned more about her, then you might change your mind about her. You might ask her to be your girlfriend. She settled for something casual with you, even though she secretly wanted a serious relationship, because she enjoyed her nights alone with you.

She enjoyed getting intimate with you.

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I just want to love one person and have that same person love me back. I know plenty of people who can be casual and not get attached to or emotionally invested in someone. I wish I could push away any feelings I have for someone and just exist with them with no strings or emotions attached. When I moved to Brooklyn, I knew the possibilities were endless…but how? A friend convinced me to download Tinder and meet guys that way, so I did.

After 45 minutes of genuinely trying, I deleted the app for good.

Elaine Benes

All you hear about is either A. And…usually I can empathize with the part B-ers of the world. Yeah, social media and the rapid advances in technology aka smartphones aka iPhones oh, you still have an android…? In short: no. Why does that even remotely matter?

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Why Casual Dating Is Ruining Us All

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There is a strange phenomenon that is plaguing the something generation. We were born into a generation centered on an ever-expanding growth of technology. Intimacy has become terrifying. Talking on the phone with another human being has become uncomfortable and foreign. We go out to dinner with friends, staring at our iPhones, waiting for that text, when we should be present in the moment.

We should be having conversations. We want the temporary, the easy way in and the easiest way out. We want to have the greenest grass in the neighborhood, and if we see it starting to grow weeds and wither, best to get a new lawnmower. We want to have sex with as many different wildly attractive people that we can, and shake hands at the end of it. We want to be cool, distant, and unattainable.

The ultimate failure is being the one who loves the other too much, hell, even likes the other too much. Even worse, the rules of casual dating have become engrained in our society. The laws of communication have become almost irrevocably warped.

How To Be Yourself (In Dating) Part 2

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